Surviving College Life

By Mika Arcenal and Kim Visico

New season, new start, and more chances. As we approach the end of our summer break, we’re once again intimidated by the amount of stress we are soon to face throughout the trimester. Surviving college can be tough, as we have a lot of adjustments to make. There are times that can be filled with anticipation, and there are also times when we’re discouraged, but with the right attitude and mindset, keeping up with college life would be as easy as 1,2,3! Here are some tips to survive college life from our dean, department heads, and student leaders:

1. Manage your time

Prepare yourself to succeed the trimester. Own a planner/journal/notebook where you can jot down the things you need to do. Prioritize. Avoid cramming and focus on what needs to be done. Take note of upcoming events like quizzes, exams, projects and assignments. (Tip: know which type of learner you are and strategize your study habits.)

2. Get better

Many students are very dedicated when it comes to their studies. Don’t stress yourself on your grades; don’t pressure yourselves. Don’t focus too much on your grades; it’s okay not to be the best. Be a better person, for you to be able to do more improvements. It’s better to do good, because that’s what creates positive energies. (Tip: enjoy your stay in college and make the most out of it.)

3. Have fun

We all have our own goals, and we’re taking different steps when we’re doing something, never stop yearning to learn and becoming a better person. Not the best but a better person. Why? Because being a better person is like an open door for every improvement. Every day is a learning experience for us. Be dedicated on your work so you can do better. (Tip: always remember “More action. Less talk.”)

4. Be brave

We all have our own difficulties in life. Seize those challenges and face adversities because there will always be highs and lows – and that’s normal. It’s about grit. Being brave means having the ability to bounce back. If you are able to discern your passion, and persevere, you will trump anything. (Tip: Explore. There are endless possibilities in life that is waiting for you.)

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