Leaders in Transit

By Michelle V. Lu

The FEU Diliman Student Development Office conducted a program called LEAD Summit with the theme Agents of Change last may 16 to 17 at FEU Diliman. The program aimed to enhance students’ self knowledge, develop leadership, and prompt students to be agents of change in the school community and beyond.

During the first day, the PEER organization initiated programs that focused on self-awareness and working together as a team. The program started with opening remarks from the dean, Teresito S. David Ph.D., about leadership that amplified FEU’s primary core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness. Dr. David said: “See life as a marathon, not a one hundred meter dash towards the end”.

Among the other notable topics and their speakers are self-awareness and self-expression by Ms. Carla CariƱo; leadership and personality basics by personality development trainer, Ms. Lea Pourfouladchi; and seminar topics suitable for the officers’ position. Previous student leaders of FEU Diliman like Messrs. Rowie Sacote, Kim Manuel, and Kenn Fernandez also shared their thoughts.

The 2-day leadership training was surely enjoyable for the student leaders. Most of them did not just enjoy because the PEER organization started to get the ball rolling through its activities, but because it was an opportunity to bond and get to know their fellow leaders. It brought out the spirit of synergy and comradeship.

It was a learning of oneself, unlocking one’s potentials, and magnifying one’s strengths.

From Ms. Pourfouladchi’s personality training to Kenn Fernandez’ words of wisdom; Student leaders would not just bring with them the memory of being a part of the lead summit. They carry with them the learning and insights that would be useful to them as they lead towards a more united student community of FEU Diliman.

Being a leader is far more than just having a title or a designation. It is beyond having power and authority. To be a leader is to empower people; to continuously learn and inspire others to be a better version of themselves. It is about having a servant’s heart.

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