Inspirational Speech of Jerico Martin S. Francisco, Top 1 Student Achiever for First Trimester, SY 2017-2018

FEU Diliman Student Acheivers’ Awarding Ceremony dated 7th of Nov 2017 at the Nicanor Reyes Jr. Hall | T1, SY 2017-2018

To our Executive Director, Mr. Albert III Cabasada, to our Dean, Dr. Teresito S. David, to our Department Heads, Ma’am Maribel Ruiz, Ma’am Lucila Sison, and Ma’am Elma Icogo, Faculty and staff, and co-achievers, a charging afternoon!

I would like to start by acknowledging each and every one of you, my co- achievers for a job well done! Achievers, Congratulations!

Today, our patience, hard work, and perseverance once again paid off. Receiving honor and recognition for how we performed the previous trimester is indeed fulfilling. And I’ll be the first one to say to you all my dear friends, (or maybe at least for today), that you deserve it. You deserve holding that certificate, being on that seat, and being recognized today for your dedication and remarkable work. And for that, give yourselves a round of applause.

Being here in front does not automatically mean that I am better than anyone of you. Just like anybody else, I had my Ups and Downs. I failed some of my exams, stood up for hours during recitations, and cried a lot because I don’t even know how I can possibly pass the semester. I was blessed to be here in front of you today to deliver this, and I quote, “Speech”. Rather, I would like to take this opportunity to SHARE with you my college experience.

I began my journey in college as a Tiger. When I was in high school, I was so focused and determined to be a Thomasian Engineer. It was my dream. A dream that I really wanted to pursue. And I treated life as if it owes me that dream. For over a year, I made my own decisions. Carved my own ways, and did what I thought was right. I assumed that things will turn out to be in my favor and life would be easy. I went to college as if it is too small of a thing that it can fit in the palm of my hand.

But guess what? I was wrong. Life hit me hard. College gave me one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far. It taught me that life is a constant battle, and our experiences will be our shield. Maybe I wasn’t ready. Maybe I didn’t prepare myself. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.

But I never wanted to stop there. I know in my heart that this lowest moment of mine will do me good in the future. I picked myself up, dust all the worry of, and gave a promise to myself that this time, I will be wiser and braver for the battle that lies ahead.

It was then I became a Tamaraw. I quickly fell in love with the green grass, the tall trees, and with the peaceful environment. It was indeed a “Fresh Start”. This time, I came prepared. With the little experience I have, I challenged myself to be better, to be the best version of myself, to be – Braver.

Every day, I always try to do my best. No subject is too easy or too hard. All lessons are useful, character building, and vital for the future you. Little by little, I regained my confidence and next thing I know, I was leading the charge of my life. I was happy, fulfilled, and inspired.

Nakakatuwa rin po na, ‘yung paulit ulit kong sinasabi sa sarili ko throughout my college life, ginagamit din pala ng FEU. Be BRAVE! It was very inspiring since every day; you can see this “Be Brave” tagline. It was then I knew it was no coincidence; I was destined to be here.

And I would like to take this rare opportunity to share to you today, a detailed explanation of my “Be BRAVE” secret.

To fully unleash your potential, you should:

B – Be ready to sacrifice

Nothing comes easy. Sabi nga po, kung gusto mo talaga yung isang bagay, dapat paghirapan mo. And along with these hardships are sacrifices. Sacrifice the things that you really want but hinders you from achieving your goals. In the end, these sacrifices will be your ticket to success. You can rest all you want after you graduate. Money can be earned back. And your hobbies can always come second. At the end of the day, these sacrifices will definitely be worth it.

R – Remove all doubts and fears

As I said a while ago, life is a constant battle. And if you come scared and unsure, you’ll definitely be left behind. Have the confidence in you! Be your own number one fan! If you start believing in yourself, others will believe in you as well. It all starts in you. Be fearless; never doubt your talents and capabilities.

A – Accept your mistakes

No one in this world is perfect. We commit mistakes. But these mistakes mark our development. Rarely do we hear success stories that were perfectly done the first try. Accepting your mistakes makes the process easier and it enables you to correct them faster. Besides, hindi naman po natin ikamamatay ang pagtanggap ng pagkakamali, ‘di po ba?

V – Value the chance given to you

We are more than lucky to be here today. We are blessed to be here in this great institution, equipped with experienced professors and advanced facilities. Make most of what you have, always try to do your best and excel. Never waste your chances for growth and development. I remember how my father always remind me, “Jerico, Kung gagawin mo na rin lang, galingan mo na!” Give it your best shot, para sa huli, wala po tayong pagsisisi.

And lastly is,

E – Enjoy the process.

College comes and goes fast. You will struggle, you will lose hope, and you will make mistakes. But never forget to have fun and enjoy the process, – YOUR process. Find your joy. Make friends. Laugh with them, make memories with them. Bring them with you and finish your journey all together.

When you enjoy, it becomes easier, lighter, and most importantly, it becomes more memorable. Find your purpose, live for that purpose. Take that extra step. Be different! Cherish every moment. After all, it is altogether part of learning.

Be ready to sacrifice, Remove all doubts and fears, Accept your mistakes, Value your chances, and most importantly, Enjoy YOUR process.

That, my friends, is my “Be BRAVE” secret.

Once again, congratulations achievers, and may we all have a great day! Thank you and God bless!

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