Passers deliver testimonials, inspire JPIANs

by: Vernil P. Puno, ICON

They have already accomplished a dream four-years in the making. And the final task, revitalize its successors.

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) concerted the event “CPA Testimonials 2016: Made in FEU Diliman” to pay homage to its October 2016 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board examination passers. Lower batches as well as professors were invited to witness the event.

The event was held roughly two days after the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced the official list of CPA board passers wherein out of  the 18 board takers, seven passed while one is on conditional status and has earned FEU Diliman a passing rate of 38.89%, a few digits above the national passing rate of 36.48%. 

The October 2016 CPA Board passers were: Irish Portillano, CPA; Dana Kristy C. Macatol, CPA; Glenny May P. Nagun, CPA; Alyssa M. Patayan, CPA; Gherlen Clare A. Rosete, CPA; Kim Manuel, CPA; Patricia Angela Y. Ocampo, CPA.

The event was dedicated to look back on the journey of the board passers towards earning the ambition of every BS Accountancy (BSA) student to become, CPAs

The board passers on the two previous board exams where FEU Diliman received a 100% passing rate were also invited but only Patrick Joshua A. Naelgas, CPA and Vanessa A. Rebaula, CPA, who both passed on October 2015 made it to the event.

The Testimonials

“It’s hard to pass the board exam but it’s harder not to,.-” Naelgas said.

Naelgas delivered  an inspirational messages to the board passers about the life as a young professional and few words of advice and reminded the audience that the CPA testimonials is not only for the glory of the board passers but also for the plight of those who tried.

Rebaula on the other hand rekindled her experiences when she was still a student and describe her journey as rocky and not a flowery road.

Meanwhile, the October 2016 passers, except for Manuel, shared their experiences before, during and after the board examination, how it all started and how the passing will not end their journey but rather unfold a brand new chapter in their careers.

Portillano jests while describing how she repeated a subject, got defeated by personal problems, failed on her first take on the board examination, and a got conditional status on her second take but imparted that after all what happened, and finally got the CPA she had dreamt of.

“Hindi ako umatras,” Portillano shared

While the other five, not being a stranger to the lower batches, chronicled the struggles they have faced on being a student, being a reviewee, and being a board exam taker. Some of them even got emotional but they all gave advices to the lower batches and emphasized their mistakes to serve as a lesson for the lower batches not to do the same thing. They also thanked those who helped them reached their goal: the school, the professors, and the Almighty God.

Meanwhile, the lower batches of BSA program gazed in awe as the board passers shared their story realizing that the they also underwent the same sleepless nights, failed subjects, struggles for the grade of 2.50 and the despair of achieving the high expectations of the program that they are currently experiencing 

The CPA Testimonials 2016 ended with the hope that the board passers be blessed after accomplishing their dreams, rekindle the passion of their successors and waits for those who tried yet unable to make it the first try.

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