College Emblems

The College Seal

The outer elipse is consistent with the seal of the other schools in the FEU system: FEU Manila and FEU Institute of Technology (formerly FEU East Asia College). The image in the inner elipse are symbols:

The book-like image represents the two main disciplines offered by FEU Diliman to its students.

The computer circuit represents the Information Technology Programs.

The graph or chart represents the Business Programs.

The three concentric green circles represent the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary levels of education.

The three white rays emanating from the book symbolize knowledge and quality education for all the three levels of learning.


The Tamaraw

The Tamaraw is the mascot of every FEU athletic team; hence the pet name of every student. Known scientifically as bubalus mindorensis, it is a rare animal found only in the Philippines, in the island of Mindoro. Symbolically enough, the Tamaraw is one of the most intelligent, pugnacious, and agressive of our animal species just as the College is known for its advanced progressive policy in contemporary education.

The Mace

The mace is the symbol of the Office of the President and is displayed in official College functions at which he presides. It consists of the College seal done in solid bronze, resting on a finely carved staff made of Philippine hardwood.

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