Admission and Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much is the total tuition and miscellaneous fee?

More or less, Php70,000 – Php80,000 depending on the Track/Strand. This includes tuition, miscellaneous and other fees.

  • How much is the downpayment? 

Php12,000.00 is the initial downpayment. Flexible payment scheme also applies – semestral, quarterly, and monthly.

  • What tracks/strands will you offer?

Academic Track – STEM, ABM, HUMSS and GAS

Sports Track

  • How many semesters/terms do you have in one school year?

We have Two (2) semesters in one school year

  • How many students do you have per class?

An average of 40 to 45 students will be in per class

  • What will be the class schedule?

Classes will be from Monday thru Friday

  • What types of scholarships does FEU Diliman offer?

Entrance Scholarship (good for one school year only)
Rank 1     100% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Rank 2       75% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Rank 3       50% Basic Tuition Fee Discount

Sibling Discount
Second child     30% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Third child        25% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Fourth child      20% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Fifth child         15% Basic Tuition Fee Discount

Academic Scholarship (for FEU Diliman Grade 10 Students)
Batch Top 1      100% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Batch Top 2        75% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Batch Top 3        50% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Batch Top 4-5     25% Basic Tuition Fee Discount
Batch Top 6-10   10% Basic Tuition Fee Discount

  • Do you have co-curricular activities for Senior High School?

Yes. All Senior High School (SHS) students will be required to join a Club of their choice. This is graded activity.

  • What is the passing grade in all subjects?

It is 60/100 = 75%

  • What happens if I fail in one subject?

Remedial classes will be conducted after each semester.

  • What are other programs/features of the tracks?

All programs have interventions and add-ons (additional learning) that better prepare students for College or the workplace

  • What do the students get from these add-ons?

National certifications, Programming and BPO special courses

  • When are the entrance exam schedules?

For the list of entrance examination schedules, click here.


  • What are the enrollment requirements?

Once passed,

  • 2″ x 2″ picture with white background
  • Form 138 (Report Card)
  • Original Certificate of Good Moral Character with school seal
  • NSO Copy of birth certificate
  • Medical Certificate with chest x-ray
  • Two (2) Recommendation Form filled out by the Guidance Counselor and Teacher or Adviser
  • For non-Filipino Citizens, photocopy of passport and Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  • When does enrollment starts?

Enrollment begins April 18, 2016 but early enrollment can be accommodated as early as January 2016.

  • Do you utilize Learning Management Systems/Computer Integration?

Yes. Almost 60% of courses in FEU Diliman SHS will have technology integration through Moodle and other systems.

  • Does FEU Diliman accept Pathway Scholars?

No, not for SHS.

  • Does FEU Diliman accept DepEd Vouchers?

Yes, FEU Diliman do accept applicants with DepEd Vouchers.

  • What does the term “No top-up” mean?

This means that those Grade 10 Completers from Public High Schools who belong to the rank 1-5 of their batch or those who come from the Public Science High Schools will not be required to pay the “top up.”

  • Can students be disqualified from the Voucher Program?

A Voucher Program Beneficiary (VPB) shall be disqualified from further participation in the SHS VP for any of the following reasons:
– VPB drops out in the middle of the School Year;
– VPB does not re-enroll the following  School Year;
– VPB is retained in the same grade level;
– VPB transfers to another Senior High School Provider within the School Year;
– VPB transfers to a DepEd Senior High School Provider.

  • What is the policy of the Voucher Program on students who transfer from one school to another?

VPBs are not allowed to transfer to another Senior High School within the school year. If a VPB decides to transfer to another Non-DepEd SHS Provider after the school year, the VPB may continue to participate in the SHS VP in the accepting Non-DepEd SHS Provider. Transferring VPBs are required to submit the following documents to the accepting Non-DepEd SHS Provider:

  • Grade 11 Report Card
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Certificate of Release of Voucher Program

Beneficiary (format available in the SHS VMS) Transferring from one voucher tier location to another is allowed. However, the voucher amount to be received by the VPB in the accepting school shall be the voucher amount of the accepting school or the voucher amount from the releasing school whichever is lower.

  • What is the policy on track/strand shifter for Voucher Program Beneficiary?

VPBs allowed to shift to another track or strand under the following scenarios:
– After the 1st semester of Grade 11 (within the same school)
– After Grade 11 (whether in the same school or to another school), to successfully shift from one track and strand to another, the Non-DepEd SHS Provider shall ensure that the VPB meets the required competencies of the track and strand they are shifting to. Schools are required to report in the SHS VMS the VPBs that shift track and strands.

  • What is the policy of the Voucher Program for VB’s who fail to enroll, pass or decide to leave the program? 

VPB that passed Grade 11 but did not enroll for Grade 12 the succeeding school year are considered leavers. Leavers are disqualified from further participation in the SHS VP unless the reason for leaving school is due to health reasons and provided further that the period of medical leave is not more than one (1) school year. Leavers due to medical reasons may continue to participate in the SHS VP, however they are required submit a medical certificate issued by a duly licensed medical doctor.

  • Do you have complete facilities?

Yes. We comply with all the laboratory requirements for all the tracks and strands. Our classrooms are equipped with instructional technologies that aid in the teaching learning process. We have one of the most modern sports facilities in any school in Quezon City.

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